The award ceremony of the Giuseppe Accorinti Prize in support of entrepreneurship, training and youth employment took place on 28 November at the Mattei Hall in ENI. An award ceremony. Six projects. And two winners. It was not possible to decide only one for the first edition of the Accorinti Prize. The spirit and business activity of both are too equidistant from a moral and ethical point of view. But the picture that comes out of the ceremony goes beyond the votes and the criteria of evaluation. All candidates have chosen to put their work and company at the service of others.
A driving force also marked by the considerable entrepreneurial commitment in the light of the dictates of the Church’s Social Doctrine. These were precisely the requirements to apply for the award promoted by UCID Roma and conceived, as pointed out by past president Diego Barbato, immediately after the death last January of the historic manager of Eni Giuseppe Accorinti, a man “of giving” that inspired an award based “on the US and not on the IO, an award to give young people an important example”. An occasion that showcased young entrepreneurs, managers and professionals of the province of Rome under 40. A recognition that looks to the future and follows the path of the common good. To welcome the Executive Vice President for Association Organization Reports of Eni, Domenico Noviello, who recalled how the company is above all a company of people and values that are well embodied in the person and professional history of Giuseppe Accorinti.To share the podium, never too tight on these occasions, Marco Ruopolie Lorenzo Di Ciaccio.
The first is the President of Sophia. The cooperative operates through ideas that have an impact on immigration, integration and youth employment. In this case, it develops projects to raise awareness of the migration phenomenon among first and second grade secondary school students. As for young people between the ages of 18 and 29, on the other hand, it creates accompanying paths to help them identify their professional vocation. Di Ciaccio, on the other hand, is the founder of “Pedius”, a company that aims at social inclusion through innovation. Pedius is an application that through text-to-speech technology allows deaf people to make phone calls. The mechanism is as simple as it is functional: it transforms what you write, into a voice. While the response is transcribed into text. Giulia De Grazia, president of “Aedes”, was the voice of the women’s choir. A company that provides consulting services on the management of sewage treatment plants, development of quality systems and technical assistance for agriculture and the food industry. With regard to research and experimental development in the field of biotechnology, Lazarus Di Biase, neurologist at the University Polyclinic Campus Bio-medical in Rome and PhD student at the same University, with his start-up “Brain Innovations” goal is to develop innovative devices for the diagnosis, monitoring and therapeutic management of Parkinson’s patients.

Gabriele Ferrieri, with the social platform Icarry, aims instead to save time for all those who need to ship something in the day by putting them in touch with other people who are available to make the delivery and managing payments and Feedback.

Among the Roman professionals Fabio Potenza, founder of the Engineering Firm “Power & Partners” and co-founder of “FASE Engineering S.r.l.”, an engineering company that offers energy services and business consulting. The engineer Power, having at heart environmental issues, is a spokesman for the values of ethics in the field of his activity.

To remember the figure of Giuseppe Accorinti his son Marco who, in thanking ENI and UCID with his past Presidents Giancarlo Abete and Francesco Merloni, dear friends of his father emphasized the aspects of his activity: dedication to work, the Catholic faith with the social doctrine for which he made available all himself, involvement in associative life and special attention to young people for whom he promoted a constant entrepreneurial training in line with changes technology and social issues. Former UCID National Secretary Giovanni Scanagatta reiterated Accorinti’s human qualities to which UCID is promoted in an international dimension through UNIAPAC, the international association of business organizations they refer to the Christian faith. A number of members of the Institutional Jury of the Prize, chaired by S.E. Monsignor Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, UCID Roma President Giorgio Gulienetti, President Young Entrepreneurs Group A Lazio industry, Giulio Natalizia, and the representative of the Association of Veterans PioneersEni, Amedeo Santucci.