What do we do

We are a studio of engineering, management and consulting, founded to guide our clients towards
prevention or the solution of strategic, management and operational problems that are faced in a global market always full of challenges.

With the right combination of expertise, we provide technical advice in line with customers’ needs and ambitions, helping them to solve their most complex challenges.

We work in collaboration with several private and public organizations, always providing careful and competent assistance.

The Studio is also specialized in support for: 231/01 organizational models, partisan technical advice, technical expertise, real estate estimates, verification of company compliance for environmental and safety regulations, development of audit strategies, business control and management and risk management.

Studio of Engineering Potenza & Partners, also uses the advice of Alessandro Corsini, Full Professor of Systems for Energy and Environment at Sapienza University of Rome, and Adjunct Professor at the Dept of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, at Stellenbosch University. He provides technical and scientific assistance in the field of Energy Systems and Machines.


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Engineer Fabio Potenza

PhD in Electrical Engineering, Materials and Nanotechnology.

Enrolled in the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome at No. At 34995.

PhD in Electrical Engineering, Materials and Nanotechnology, Curriculum Engineering of Materials and Raw Materials, at DICMA, University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Master’s degree in Engineering for the Environment and Sustainable Development, at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Co-founder of the Engineering Company “FASE Engineering S.r.l.”, which offers energy services and business consulting.

Between 2017 and 2019 he was appointed as an expert Member of the Board of Directors

Civic University “Andrea Sacchi” of the Municipality of Nettuno.

He has been teaching since 2015, for the Master Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources (Master EFER), at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

He serves as national secretary of the Scientific Technical Committee of the Christian Entrepreneur and Executive Union (UCID). “Permanent forum on the values of faith-lit entrepreneurship.”

Since 2013 he has been the head of the young section of the Italian Thermotechnical Association, for the Lazio Section.

Member of the Commission of Waste, Reclamation, Wastewater of the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome and the Technical Committee Scientific Contaminated Land – CTTC, coordinated by Prof Raffaello Cossu of the University of Padova.

Enabling Design And Security Coordinator (CSP/CSE) and the role of Head of the Prevention and Protection Service (RSPP) under the D.Lgs. 81/2008.

Lead Auditor for Health and Safety Management Systems (ISO45001) and Environmental Management (ISO 14001)

He carries out specialized training activities for companies of national and international importance in the following areas: Workplace Safety, Environment, Management Systems (Environment, Security, Energy and Quality), Organizational Models 231/01.

Since 2020 he has held the position of Provincial Councilor of INARSIND, National Union of Engineers and Freelance Architects.

In 2021 he received Behavior-Based Security Expert Certification with A.A.R.B.A. from Milan.

Dr. Engineer Gianpaolo Natale

Doctor of Engineering with MSc license, Master in Homeland Security, Tutor and certified trainer in safety training.

From 1988 is a MSc licensed engineer and study and solve problems related with risk management, in safety and security fields.

In 2005 achieved the “Specializzazione” (in Italy is equivalent to a doctorate, EQF level 8) cum laude with a thesis on Human Reliability.

In 2012 received the certification as Behavior-Based Safety expert with A.A.R.B.A. of Milano.

In 2015 achieved a II level Master (EQF level 8) in Homeland Security at UCBM Rome University, with a thesis on the Quantitative Risk Analysis and high impact events.

In the years 1989-90 was an Italian Army, Engineer Corps, officer.

From 1991 is a consultant for industry, public administration and courts.

He has most of the required Italian and international certifications in safety and security.

Senior security, safety and compliance consultant for industry and public administration from 1990.

Experience in nuclear plants, industry, oil & gas, building sites, warfare, transportation, as a consultant or Safety Coordinator of building and decommissioning sites.

Being in charge of the CSE of a nuclear power plant decommissioning he guaranteed more than 100,000 man-hour without any accident.

Expert in machinery safety and Safety Management Systems.

Participated in security studies for sites like the European Tunnel Turin-Lyon, the Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk, Dubai JBR The Beach.

Being a technical consultant, assisted italian courts, attorneys and lawyers in cases related, among others, with accidents in Goodyear, Kraft Food, Lamina, Pozzi Ginori, Danone.

Customers are entities like Abbott, ACRAF Angelini, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Colgate-Palmolive, Desmet-Ballestra, Findus, Haupt-Pharma, Heinz, IBI-Lorenzini, Ittella Foods, Jimenez-Belinchòn, Italian Ministry of Defense, Koch-Glitsch, Kuwait Petroleoum, Owens-Illinois, Perfetti Van Melle, Plasmon, Schlumberger, Sogin. They have been helped in achieving a safer work environment.

Attività di ricerca:

Dal 2013 ha seguito e sviluppato ricerche per la certificazione di un Combustibile Solido Secondario (CSS) di qualità, mediante la caratterizzazione fisico-chimica del rifiuto specifico, e su Tecniche e Procedure Innovative per il Trattamento dei Rifiuti Provenienti da Apparecchiature Elettriche ed Elettroniche finalizzato al riciclo.

Pertanto i lavori di ricerca hanno avuto lo scopo di sviluppare applicazioni per il recupero e il riciclo dei materiali, partendo da approcci classici di separazione e caratterizzazione fino all’utilizzo di strumenti innovativi per il riconoscimento e il monitoraggio dei materiali attraverso applicazioni di imaging iperspettrale.

Uno degli obiettivi della ricerca, è stato quello di utilizzare sistemi di acquisizione HyperSpectral Imaging (HSI) per ottenere informazioni utili per l’esplorazione dei dati, applicando metodi di analisi multivariata in modalità supervisionata; pertanto l’applicazione di un approccio ingegneristico trasversale ha permesso di sviluppare dei sistemi online per il recupero e il riciclo di scarti eterogenei, che possono trovare ampio spazio in future soluzioni di tipo industriale.

Le attività di ricerca sono state sviluppate presso il Laboratorio per la Caratterizzazione dei Materiali Particolati del Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica, Materiali ed Ambiente (presso la sede di Latina della Sapienza Università di Roma), e presso i laboratori tecnologici dell’Università TU Delft, Recycling Technology Group, Faculty of CiTG.

His methods are often founded on a scientific and innovative approach, research based, to manage technical issues. He holds seminars on topics like: Safety Engineering, La Sapienza University, Rome. Security Risk Management, Federico II Univ., Naples. Accident Investigation, Università Roma Tre, Rome. Security and Safety Science, Università Campus Bio-Medico, Rome.

He is:

Master in Homeland Security, Università Campus Bio-Medico, Rome. PhD in safety, security and loss prevention; La Sapienza, Rome. MSc in civil engineering, La Sapienza, Rome. Qualified Expert in Behavior-Based Safety (AARBA, Italy), Milan. Occupational health and safety auditor (OHSAS 18001) by SGS, Naples

As per Italian and EU Laws certifications:

447/95 Acoustical Expert

81/08 Safety Site Coordinator (CSP/CSE) and Safety Manager (RSPP)

257/92 Asbestos Expert

818/84 Fire Prevention Expert

81/08 Tutor and Certified Trainer in safety training


Engineer Giuseppe Masci

Born in Terracina on 18.03.1978, graduated in Engineering for the Environment and The Territory at the Sapienza University of Rome, branch of Latina, on 30.10.2007 and enrolled in the Order of Engineers of the Province of Latina, to the Section/Sector “B-a”, with number registration Number B73 from 12.01.2009.

He lives and resides in Terracina where he carries out the Free Profession as a Civil Engineer and Thermotechnic, having concentrated his academic studies in the specific training of Territorial Urbanism and later in Energy Systems also with the use of Renewable sources in both residential and industrial fields, following a specific path in Territorial Planning before and graduating later with a Thesis Project with the title :”Cogenerative plant from Thermodynamic Solar and Biomass”.

His professionalism is addressed, in the field of plant, to the Definitive and Executive Civil and Idustrial Design and to the Construction Directorate, electrical systems, thermal systems for summer and winter air conditioning, aeraulic and air conditioning systems renewable energy plants (thermal solar, solar photovoltaic, geothermal, cogeneration and trigeneration).

In the Civil field, in addition to the general building design and the management of the different administrative and bureaucratic processes that require a building permit process, he has dedicated himself with passion and professionalism to the Design, Redevelopment and Energy Efficiency Management, not only as an obligatory choice in the context of the strategies of design and management of complex systems (both in the civil and industrial sphere), but also as an ethical and educational choice, accepting a challenge that sees us today all involved.

This leads him to a constant professional training aimed at the search for materials, construction techniques and new strategies for both building structures and plants, in such a way as to think and then realize living and working spaces not only respectful of European and national regulations, but above all implemented following a correct scientific approach that leads to the satisfaction of housing and functional needs in harmony with the environment. All this in accordance with the future needs and the territory involved in the project, whether it was thought with classic masonry construction or built with plaster structures hooped (metal or wood type “Crosslam or Xlam”).

These specific features also involve him as part surveyor or Civil and Industrial Consultant in the Acoustic and Energy field, also with specific instrumental surveys that often lead him to work alongside medium and small businesses, to help them in the business development, processing methods and in the request phase of tax breaks in the production sector (Hyperdepreciation in Industry version 4.0, Carbon Foot Print of product).

Legal Partner – Lawyer RA Marco Rampf, LL. M.

Marco Rampf is an Italian lawyer registered with the Foro di Roma and Rechtsanwalt German enrolled at the Munich Foro. After graduating from the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with a law degree, he received an LL. M. in German law at the Ludwig-Maximilians University of Munich and a Master’s degree in “Business Lawyer” at the Meliusform Business School in Rome. He has 15 years of experience at large international law firms and follows small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly German and Austrian, in all aspects of compliance and cross-border corporate and commercial law. He is the author of several books, essays and publications and Cultivator of the subject of commercial law and international trade law at the chair of Prof. Avv. Daniele Santosuosso at the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. He is also a lecturer in the International Business Law Master at the same University and an occasional member of the Graduate Commissions.

Languages: Italian, German, English, French

  • A.E.R. CONSULTING S.R.L. By Dr. Chim. Damiano Antonio Paolo Manigrassi.
  • Vice President of the National Council of Chemists at the Ministry of Justice.
  • Bioconsult Srl by Dr. Chim. Mario Pellegrini
  • Laboratory of Chemical, Industrial, Environmental and Merceological Research and Analysis.
  • Services and facilities for environmental protection and safety in the workplace.

Sin-Eco – Special Waste Disposal

Sin-Eco offers its collaboration to small, medium and large companies that want to achieve concrete results in the field of special waste disposal. Correctly cataloguing a special waste, giving it the most appropriate CER (European Rejection Code) code, is the essential prerequisite for “managing” all subsequent stages of special waste disposal: from collection to recovery or final disposal of special waste.



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