The study plans feasibility studies and urban regeneration or redevelopment plans.
Urban regeneration programmes contain actions and interventions that are integrated to achieve priority objectives.

  • Territorial reassessment of anthropised systems, feasibility study and urban redevelopment plan.
  • Design of technology services and environmental remediation.

  • Decomissioning design, where decommissioning involves intentions and projects to recover and reuse a site, especially when they are previously used for industrial purposes. Coordinated interventions to optimize the pre-established objective, contempering environmental needs with economic, coordinating reclamation and urban planning, in order to create the necessary conditions for the development of the area that conform the feasibility of interventions and their economic and financial sustainability, directing the transformation to support an urban plan.

  • Design and program of interventions aimed at rationally and aesthetically organizing an existing building heritage. Eliminating situations of disharmony, with interventions aimed at conservation, rehabilitation, reconstruction, better use of areas, until we reach a so-called heavy recovery, consisting of demolition and reconstruction. Demolition work and urban planning, contained in a feasible recovery plan, aimed at replacing an existing urban fabric with another different, through a systematic set of building interventions, with the modification of the design of lots, blocks and the road network. Change in the use destination between different functional categories, governed by urban planning tools and technical standards of implementation. Enhancements that result in the availability of soils that are redeveloped and used for public space, equipment and services, the increase of green standards, spaces for pedestrians and infrastructure. The form of these relationships – within the principles of redevelopment and integration of urban functions, in contrast to the conventional logic of urban soil separation into single-functional areas – are coordinated with the reclamation and its implications morphological, so that the effects of an achievable urban project can be multiplied.


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