The existing environmental legislation requires companies to have a series of often rather complex bureaucratic requirements and processes, also depending on the considerable variability of the same legislation, which is constantly updated to cope with the New European directives.

The significance of the impacts associated with the environmental aspects of the company is the result of several considerations, including precisely the “environmental aspects” and the “economic aspects”.
The professionalism and experience of the Studio is able to make available to companies a series of environmental advisory services aimed at complying with current legislation and improving environmental performance.

  • Consultancy and planning for obtaining the energy certification of buildings
  • Advice and Energy Diagnosis Design.
  • Radon: measurement of concentration levels in buildings

  • Drafting of preliminary investigation and characterization plans, site-specific risk analysis pursuant to Part Four of Legislative Decree 152/2006 and subsequent amendments.
  • Classification and characterization aimed at confirming the CER code proposed by the manufacturer and identifying a recovery / disposal path.
  • Strategies able to operate the prevention and remedy of pollution of the environment by human activities, through the analysis and monitoring of the information necessary to achieve the objectives.
  • Techniques and systems to detect and control the parameters for the reduction of resource and energy consumption, the minimization of waste, the control and remediation of polluted sites, the correct disposal of solid and liquid waste and the recycling of materials.
  • Techniques for the management of environmental problems related to the functional and sustainable distribution of the territory, with regard to human settlements, civil and industrial, and the related infrastructures and the exploitation of raw materials.
  • Techniques for controlling and safeguarding the instability phenomena of both natural and man-made soils and the problems linked to the research and exploitation of natural resources.
  • Resolving techniques for problems related to the use of water, in relation to: research, collection and exploitation of groundwater, optimization of uses, up to the effects on the surface of surface waters.


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