"The management of water between ethics and efficiency" is named after the conference promoted Young Entrepreneurs Group of a Latin Industry and the Young Ucid, provincial section of Latina, of which LatinaQuotidiano is a media partner.

The appointment will be held today 28 November at 17.00 at the Conference Hall of the Faculty of Engineering "La Sapienza" University of Rome Polo of Latina.

At the heart of the conference will be the optimization of the management of the urban water system, the need for a strategic plan on water, the management of the coast between Anzio and Circeo, urban savings and the correct use of resources.

The conference will be attended by the President of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of a Latina Industry Eugenio Samori and the President of a Latina Industry Giorgio Klinger.

Simona Mulè, president of the Young Ucid section of Latina, will also speak.  Giuseppe Bonifazi director of the research and services center for sustainable technological innovation of the University "La Sapienza", Riccardo Pedrizzi, president of the Ucid National Scientific Committee, Ennio Cima engineering director of Acqualatina Spa, Pierantonio Palluzzi president of Ance Latina, Paolo De Girolamo professor of civil engineering of the University "La Sapienza", Fabio Potenza in charge of Ati Lazio and Francesco Berardi president Ucid provincial section of Latina.

Also expected are the Prefect of Latina, Maria Rosa Trio, the President of the Province Carlo Medici, the Mayor of Latina, Damiano Coletta, Captain Antonio CILLO of the 70th Wing, and the governor of Lazio, Nicola Zingaretti.